underpass presents:

Josh Okeefe

The Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes, GB

£10 Adv
Entry Requirements: 14+
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'Josh Okeefe blends the gritty realism of his Derby upbringing with a love for American music, adding to these enlightening flashes of wisdom and wit. Sage yet youthful, richly detailed and eminently enjoyable, the journey Bloomin’ takes us on is one as multifaceted as the distance from Derby to Nashville is long. But we are all richer for Okeefe having made that transatlantic trek. A rebel artist, protest singer, the heir to Bob Dylan, or – when he's doing one of his lighter satirical numbers – a harmonica-tootin’ Mr. Bean… with raw, topical storytelling and a voice that crackles with authentic folk tradition, Okeefe is all of these and more

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Josh Okeefe