Thanks to our top donators!

The Black Card although it being the ultimate gig pass for The Craufurd Arms, it comes with some rules as follows:

  • Unlimited access to gigs promoted by The Craufurd arms so unfortunately for outside promoters we would need to find out and see if we can come to a deal.

  • You need to let us know what gig you would like to come to as we cannot guarantee entry if you just turn up due to capacity allocations.

  • Unfortunately these cards are not valid during the Covid-19 Pandemic. we cannot run our shows on such small capacity and make them viable we are sorry about this!

We Thank you so much for your donations to the craufurd arms to help us through the corona virus!

Voucher Use

please let us know the gig you would like to come to beforehand so we can make sure there is some allocated capacity for you

Many Thanks

Craufurd Arms

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